Primary School Žamberk
28. října 581
Czech republic

About our school

Primary School 28. října is one of two schools in the town. This school is located in the centre of the town not far from Masaryk Square (500 metres). School building used to be the District Authorities and later the Court. The building was built around 1908. More information in the school history. Nowadays there are 334 children there (172 pupils first level 1st – 5th classes and 172 pupils 2nd level 6th-9th classes).

The After-school Care Centre belongs to the school too. There are 4 groups with 90 children there. This After-school Care Centre is located in the same street as the school building. There is a cookery classroom and a workroom there. The pupils from the second level learn to cook and work there.

Education in our school is traditional. There are two classes in each year. Most of the subjects are compalsory. In addition the children in the 6th class study ethics. The finance study is very important too. The optional subjects are PE Club and Children´s Choir Viola . This Choir have been working at our school for more than 30 years.

There are also interest groups there: English Clubs Let´s Talk 1and Let´s Talk 2, Ceramics, Robotics and French Clubs. Children collect waste paper, out of order electrical appliances and cardboard boxes. They are often number one in these competitions.

Our school also offer educational and sports cources: adaptive course for 6th class, swimming courses for 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes, skiing courses (cross country skiing for 5th class and down-hill skiing for 7th class).

What about other activities interesting for our pupils? The most loving ones are Summer Party which organize pupils of the 9th classes to celebrate Children´s Day. Summer Sports Day and Winter Sports Day love all the children and teachers. Earth Day Project is organized by all pupils and teachers. School Show „Akademie“ belongs to the history of our school. It is run by almost all pupils at Divish´s Theatre every 4th year.

Školní hymna (text)